problem with specific drive: poor performance

on my new system (MSI H110 with i5 7500) I have a SK Hynix SL308 SATA SSD.
unfortunately the drive doesn’t perform well with Intel AHCI drivers. I tried with both 15.5 and 15.2 series bit got really bad WRITE performance.
With the Microsoft driver performance is ok, a bit worst in READ compared to Intel but there is no problem with WRITE.
is there something wrong?



I also tried with the mod+signed version of v. 13.2.8 with similarly bad results:


@elisw :
Please have a look into the start post of >this< thread.
I suspect, that you haven’t set the optimized Write Caching options for the related Disk Drive (point 8).

@Fernando unfortunately the write caching was already enabled. :frowning:

Are you sure, that both options were still checked after the update of the AHCI driver and te required reboot?
These settings may be changed automaticly after a change of the storage driver.

I did check those settings… and were both enabled.
After a bit of playing with the SK Hynix software I managed to have decent results also in write.
here are the last settings… not sure if everything is perfect but performance now is at least comparable to Microsoft original drivers

os setting.PNG

df1 setting.PNG

df2 setting.PNG