Problems about rename with SKUZ370

I’ve renamed bios with SKUZ370 but it only rename file name, not rename motherboard name in cmos or cpuz check.
Recently, i collected a bios of MSI H270-A PRO that renamed to Z370-A PRO (when i update this bios on MSI H270-A PRO, finish my motherboard name was Z370-A PRO)
Thereby, i want everybody who know rename motherboard name to help me how can rename it. Send me inbox (private massage) or comment here.
Thank you so much, thank Admin’ve accept this post!

This is waste of time edit, but can be done. How are you flashing mod BIOS, and do you have flash programmer? Where do you want the brand/model name change to show up?
There is several models that need edited for this to show, but depends on where you want to see the change as to what you edit (ie at post screen, in BIOS, in software like CPU-z etc)

Also, you need to clarify what BIOS you are wanting edited to, what name etc. Your post above is very confusing, sounds like you want MSI H270-A PRO renamed to Z370-A PRO, but then at same sentence you said you already accomplished this goal.
Then you mention SKUZ370 at first comment, being name you wanted, but later said you successfully renamed to Z370-A PRO instead. So, as you see, very confusing

BIOS Name, as in what you name/rename the file to in windows has nothing to do with any of this.

I have been studying for a long time to change the name of the mainboard in the whole BIOS, post screen, software like CPUZ, AIDA64,… (only search editable software) because i’m not a Programmer.
Once I found the bios file of the main MSI H270-A PRO and when the update was completed it changed the mainboard name to Z370-A PRO in: CPUZ, post Screen, Bios,…
Now I want to ask how can this be edited? Use software, code or any programs?

It depends on the board/BIOS, but generally several modules need extracted with UEFITool and edited, then reinserted. Very easy to do, if you know how to use UEFITool and hex editor.
Why would you waste your time doing this?

When you are passionate about something, you will pursue it until you achieve it, right? I would love to change the motherboard name from main 200 series to 300 series and run CoffeeLake. Then people do not need to spend money to buy main 300 Series. They can take advantage of 100 and 200 series motherboards that are still very good to run.

@hanh007 :
Do you really believe, that you can make your 200-Series Chipset system ready for the insertion of a CoffeeLake CPU by simply renaming the mainboard within the BIOS?
By the way: >Here< is a guide about how to do it.