Problems creating a disc configuration.

Hi all, I have 1hdd of 1TB 2hdd of 2TB and one of 320GB plus two ssd of 240GB. What I want to do is to raid all 4 hard disks but when I put them in raid0+1 I have only 500GB of storage left and when I put them in raid5 only 800GB and in raid0 1TB. Obviously the ideal would be that all 4 disks are raid0+1 but the storage capacity is very low. This is the first problem. Then I have a windows ssd installed and I want the other ssd to act as a cache for the first ssd containing the operating system.
To raid the hard disks I am using intel rst 16 from the bios with the control+i keys. To make the second ssd cache the intel rst controller doesn’t give me the option to do it because after putting the bios in raid mode, then I have to put it in ahci mode so that windows will start if I leave it in raid windows directly does not start.
So the questions are, is there a way to raid the 4 hard drives without losing so much capacity? and how do I put the other ssd in system cache mode?
Well, I expect some help. Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards.

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