Problems to get a modded XXXXXX BIOS successfully flashed

Bios reports cpuid 306C3 and update revision 1C, but UBU (from bios file) reports cpuid 306C3 and update revision 25. Why the difference?

EDIT by Fernando: This discussion has been started within the UBU Discussion thread, but later on it turned out, that the BIOS, which had been modified by the UBU tool, hasn’t been properly flashed. So it obviously was a BIOS flashing problem and not an UBU related one.
That is why I have moved the discussion into a separate thread.

@kyriacos - did you update BIOS, to a BIOS that contained rev 25? If yes, are you sure it flashed in? 1C is 2014 revision, sounds like BIOS has not been updated yet. What you see in UBU is BIOS contents, and or offering of update version, depending on what you are looking at

I updated the BIOS file using UBU and flashed it successfully, but when I enter the BIOS setup it displays the old (1C) revision. If I open again in UBU the BIOS that I flashed, it displays the new revision (25).

@kyriacos :
Does it show the other modules as being updated in the BIOS?
If not it is possible that the BIOS did not load the new BIOS (flash succeeded but the modified BIOS corrupted the main BIOS chip) and you have booted from the backup BIOS.
If so, do not try to flash that modified BIOS again as you may overwrite the backup BIOS chip with the modified BIOS and brick the board.

@chinobino :
I did not update any other modules, only the CPU microcodes. If I was using the backup BIOS shouldn’t a message appear? Should I flash again a new modified or unmodified BIOS?

@kyriacos :
Sometimes the Gigabyte DualBIOS recovery does not automatically recover the main BIOS chip and just boots the board from the backup chip.
If you changed any settings are they still saved/applied?
You need to be 100% sure that you are booting from the main BIOS chip before you attempt to flash another modified BIOS.
Do you know which BIOS version is on the backup BIOS chip?
Do you have a SPI programmer?

@chinobino :
I flashed the modified bios a few months ago and I did not notice anything strange.
Settings are still saved.
I believe I updated the backup BIOS chip with the latest official version.
I do not have a SPI programmer.

@kyriacos :
Ok, the best thing to do is to do a BIOS dump (you can use Universal BIOS backup Toolkit v2.0 in Windows, or EFIFlash or Intel FPT in DOS) and open it in UEFITool NE 53 or UBU to confirm which microcode is actually in the main BIOS chip.
If it still shows the old microcode then the modified BIOS flash must have failed, if it shows the new microcode but your BIOS shows the old microcode then you are likely booting from the backup BIOS chip and the main chip is corrupt.

@chinobino :
OK, I did a BIOS dump, opened it in UBU and the CPU microcodes are NOT the updated ones.
Is it safe to just flash an unmodified BIOS?

I would not flash another modified BIOS unless
a) You are 100% you are booting from the main BIOS
b) You have SPI programmer

@chinobino :
What about an unmodified BIOS?

@kyriacos :
I would do the backup first and see what’s on the main chip, then you could flash an unmodified/official BIOS and dump that to compare them to be sure you have restored the main BIOS chip to the official BIOS.
If you use EFITool it will tell you which BIOS chip it is updating (main or backup or both).

Yes, It should be.
What BIOS version is currently showing in BIOS?
What BIOS version do you want to flash?

@chinobino :
It shows the latest official BIOS version, which is the one I modified too. I think I will flash a newer official beta BIOS.

Can you link the Beta BIOS please?

@kyriacos @chinobino
What has your recent extended discussion to do with the topic of this thread?
Due to the fact, that this thread has become very voluminous, I have shortened your recent posts by replacing the fully quotes by directly addressing.

@chinobino :
The Beta BIOS is not posted on their website and only available from their support.

@Fernando :
It is related to UBU, but I suppose now it has to do more with BIOS recovery.

This is the proof, that your problem and your discussion with @chinobino has nothing to do with the UBU tool and the topic of this thread.

@Fernando :
The BIOS I flashed was modified with UBU, so it is more or less related. But if there is a more appropriate thread, you can move the messages there.

No. It may have been UBU related, if the modded BIOS would have caused problems, but - as you have verified yourself - the modded BIOS has not even been in use by your system.

I will do it.

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