Problems to modify an AMI non-UEFI BIOS to have nvme support

Hi All, sorry for open a new post but i was reading a lot of fernando’s post because i want to install windows on a gifted nvme, my problem, the sistem recognice the nvme and i can use like storage system, but i want the bios can recognice them to boot whit this good disk, i tried a lot to open an modify mi bios but i have allwais an error “Error loading firmware image”.
If someone can guide me i appreciate this a lot, thanks for all!! and this is the best forum i ever know!!!

So sorry for my good english and thanks for all.

System info:
Motherboard: Supermicro X8DTL-6F
BIOS: 2.1b (see attach)
NVME: ADATA XPG Gammix s11 Pro 256gb (i know i can’t use all speed but was a gift … so… jaja)

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title specified to make clear, that the AMI BIOS doesn’t support the UEFI mode.

@Germán - The reason you could not open in MMTool is due wrong version, you need to use 3.xx (3.19, 3.22, 3.26 etc)

If you cannot get mod BIOS made let me know, I will make for you

@Lost_N_BIOS Thanks !!! Now when i have a little time i do some test again, and then i let you know if these was great for me jajaja.

Best regards!!!

Good luck, you can do it!

If you end up not being able to do the mod let me know and I can do for you.

Hi Lost, i need to confess that now im too lost jaja, i was extracting some modules but i can’t find were i need to change or where i need to add the nvmExpressdxp. i was traing follow [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS but is for newest tipe of bios.
I pass up another important post to read??
Thanks for all!!

According to my knowledge it doesn’t make any sense to modify the BIOS of your Supermicro mainboard - you will not be able to boot off the NVMe SSD whatever you would try to do.
Reason: To be able to boot off the NVMe SSD, an AMI UEFI BIOS is required, but your current mainboard has a non-UEFI BIOS. The insertion of an EFI NVMe BIOS module into the BIOS would have no effect, because the BIOS will not load it while booting.
These are your options, if you want to use the NVMe SSD with your old non-UEFI mainboard:
a) Usage just for storage purposes outside the system drive (precondition: an OS with NVMe support) or
b) Installation of the OS onto the SSD, but creation of the boot sector outside the ADATA NVMe SSD according to >this< or >this< guide.

thanks for your answer, when i read your post of nvme support, i think this could be happen but always i want more than i can have jaja.

I’m using now like storage and the test gives me like 2000 read speed and 1200 write speed.
My first try was whit duet+refind, i think i’m going to proove again, because when i stay on the os intallation moment an advertaice says "The os can’t install in this disk because is not bios supported"

Now i’m going to read the first guide you pass me and see what option i test next.

Again, Thanks a lot for take a part of your time.

Sorry, I didn’t even realize this was non-UEFI BIOS! I only checked MMTool to solve your MMTool issue based on your image, I should have checked BIOS out about NVME before answering you on the MMTool issue

Those other options will work, if you can’t get installed then write info about errors you are getting into the respective thread and someone familiar with that method will be able to tell you what’s wrong and how to fix.

Lost, thanks a lot, I now that I have an old bios, but I think I can try so that was my mistake jaja, sorry for that, if I see another problem to do this change. I advice you, in another post to know the solution.

Many people like this option, but as Fernando mentioned above you have two methods to choose from
[Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and older-UEFI (DUET-REFIND)

@Fernando @Lost_N_BIOS I can only say thanks to both of you, with your help I have now my W10 pro on my M2 XPG with clover bootloarder. Now I go to the post of the clover method to write about all when I use clover.

did you made some config changes at bios?.. i have a x58 and my win10 on a hdd cant boot with the ssd nvme connected into a pcie… it freezes