[Problems with] ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming BIOS

Good to hear that it worked :+1:

There’s an ME update on Asus pages: MEUpdateTool Version

I’d recommend to update your ME since the one hidden in the bios update is rather old.

(Latest is though, but I don’t know a readily stitched update file that contains the latest PHY P, too, which is part of the Asus ME update)

@lfb6 Buddy, its funny that you mention this… because it reminds me that i would like to hear your opinion on it.
The thing is that the first couple of past ME FW images updates I’ve done to my board, based on 14.1.6x.xxxx versions, they did contain the PHY sub-component and always sticked in bios, but last 2 ones starting the 14.1.7x.xxxx (14.1.70.xxxx and last i lost the PHY sub-component in bios.

Still the official ME FW image update from MSI, (currently on my board) does contain the PHY stitched, but i never researched what could be done to re-engage this sub-component again.

Here’s the link to the official MSI Intel ME Update Tool_ME14172_H (2024-01-17) file with PHY

Thank you

What do you mean by ‘you lost it’? What board are we talking about and did you check on a dump with MEA? What’s the output?

14.0 didn’t have PHY (and SAMF) module, those came with 14.1, so a ME 14 will be able to work without. But if they’re in the firmware they should stay there even if they aren’t part of the update?

That’s the strange part… not anymore.

Z490, i don’t have PHY on firmware anymore, it was always 14.1.xx.xxx from start, not 14.0
I know they work without it, still it was present before and of course the board has USB-C

Current state, only main CSE ME, PMC and PCHC, no issues at all, just curiosity on the issue

Anyway, just wanted to share the complete FW update

EDIT: Anytime, this mb of mine doesn’t have BFB feature or dual bios, has main system not going to try to fix it anyway, FPT/FWUpdL doesn’t write it anyway.
Oh, and it’s not April’s fool… by the way.

Well, would be curious, too, but will ask again on April 2nd, sounds too unlikely to follow up today?