Problems with turning back from Intel Ahci to MS ahci

I have Problems after turning back from Intel Ahci driver to MS ahci. I selected uninstall + delete driver over device manager for the intel drivers. Now Im back on MS standard Ahci, but system lags sometimes. Is it possible that there are driver files from trhe Intel left which causes this?

If you just want to replace any third party driver (here: Intel AHCI) by the related OS in-box driver (here: MS AHCI), you should do it the following way:
1. Run the Device Manager, expand the related section (here: IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers) and right-click onto the related Controller (here: Intel SATA AHCI Controller).
2. Choose the options “Update driver software” > “Browse my computer…” > " Let me pick…".
3. Choose the desired standard device name (here: Standard AHCI Controller") within the shown list of compatible devices (the option has to be checked).
4. Reboot.