[Q] Conexant Drivers...

The first part is a bit of fluff before the question!

Whelp, first off I found Fernando’s forum’s quite by accident! Was looking for modified Intel drivers for my Duo, search led me here, remembered him from elsewhere and his FAN-EFFING-TASTIC nVidia modified drivers, and thought SCHWING, which of course was confirmed when the Intel drivers worked like a charm!

The above being said I am now looking for Conexant drivers, sadly the Win7 drivers from the duo page aren’t working “like a charm” and all the ones I found on Station-Drivers don’t seem to have the INF entry’s for mine, I tried putting them in but that doesn’t seem to work, they install, but no audio…

Not a pro at this, has anyone modified Audio drivers prior and might be able to assist?

For reference, my Audio device reports: Conexant Audio CX20671 with DEV_5069&SUBSYS_1028048B (ill grab the full string when I get home)

I am also going to try and upload all the driver versions I have found on the web and downloaded/extracted a bit later… easier for anyone who might want to take a stab at it (a few GB)

@ Net7:

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Since I am travelling today, I am actually not able to help you, but it would be a good idea, if you would post the HardwareIDs of the devices with the missing drivers.