Question about 'forcing' bios update

Hello, i have specific problem with updating bios for intel motherboard. I have board with NT94510J.86A bios and i want to setup NT94510J.40T bios. How can i change NT94510J.40T in a way that it wont check current version, but just update bios in any case?? I can open NT94510J.40T on phoenix tool. If you need more information dont hesitate to ask.

Your computer should be very old, can be updated already not much, first to find the updated module, and then try to edit the work

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I cannot help you with this problem, because I don’t have any experience with Intel mainboards.
Has the NT94510J.40T BIOS been designed for another mainboard? If yes, why do you want to flash it?
Have you already tried to contact the Intel Support?


Thanks for welcome. Motherboard from technical aspect is exacly same only bios is diffrent. I dont have point to contact intel, because bios i want is from very specific vendor(they surerly dont support putting this rare bios for some random users). Do you know anything where could i start looking?

Is your BIOS an UEFI or non-UEFI one?

its 100% non uefi, but in .bio file

Have you already looked >here<?

Thanks for link, but i think thats not im looking for(i dont need activate windows). I need to remove id check for my bios.

Maybe our Forum members CodeRush or lordkag can help you.

Cross-flashing is very dangerous unless you know for certain it’s going to work. Keep that in mind. Regarding the check, well usually this has to do with any given flashers protections. Some of them have certain options to ignore SKU mismatch (usually /x etc). Check if the flasher has such an option.