Question about my System, possible help

Hello, I have a dell optiplex system 745 and i am in legacy mode and not normal mode, legacy mode seems to be a bit faster. Anyways, i was wondering is there a driver or what is the latest driver i can use and i can go higher than Ultra DMA 6 to raid or full sata
Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0GX297 (Microprocessor)
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Q965
Chipset Revision C1
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801HB/HR (ICH8/R)
Southbridge Revision B0

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What means"LEGACY" and what means "NORMAL" mode? Whch are the options within the BIOS to change the function of the on-board Intel ICH8 SATA Controller and which are the consequences on the DeviceID of the Controller (right-click onto it > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs")?

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SATA Operation: "When this option is set to Normal, the SATA controller is configured for native mode. The Legacy option provides compatibility with older operating systems. .

I’m using win7 64, but it just feels faster in legacy mode than normal mode, even though it might not make a difference too much. As for options in the bio lol, not too much to change. I have a Dell 780 which has raid/sata options, was curious about the dell 745 though and in the bios, there’s nothing that says ICH8 Sata, just normal and legacy. I guess i can go back to normal. But anyways,


The other two ata channels don’t have any modes for them. only the first two, hard drive is dma 6 and the dvd drive is dma5.

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Although I am not sure about it, I suspect, that the "Native" resp. "Normal" SATA mode is the AHCI mode, whereas the "LEGACY" one is the IDE mode.
You can easily can find it out by comparing the DeviceIDs of your Intel SATA Controller after the switch from "LEGACY" (current setting) to the "Native" mode witin the BIOS. As I told you, you can check the DeviceIDs from within the Device Manager.
The question is, whether you are able at all to boot into your OS after having changed the SATA mode from within the BIOS.

yes you can switch back and forth. I was just curious can i go higher than Ultra DMA, because even in normal mode it doesn’t change from Ultra DMA 6. I don’t think this mb has higher support. / AHCI . I have 4 devices under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers , ata channel 0 and ati channel 1 has no dma modes at all, only the two below them which are also ata channel 0 and 1. i think my mb only supports ide even in normal/navtive mode unless there’s some drivers out there which changes it, i haven’t been able to find it, i have tried ever driver scan program out there, even the best ones, the lastest one

@MaxPayne :
Can you please check the HardwareIDs of your Intel SATA Controller running in "Normal" and "Legacy" mode?

You cannot change the IDE driver, because Intel does not offer any IDE driver (only AHCI and RAID drivers).

Alright, well guess my MB is too old. I’m upgrading to newer motherboard anyway next month :slight_smile: On another note, upgrading my drivers for my computer using slim driver program , and going back to normal/native mode in the bios, i can record my games much better now than before. One game i was playing recording dropped down to 23fps, now it stays above 45fps. So I’m just going to stay in native mode and keep things the way they are on my computer. :slight_smile:

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I downloaded a drive test and this is what i notice

Might give you some idea what’s wrong. driver update or just no AHCI raid for the dell 745, so its running slower?

The drive test doesn’t help me.
What I need are
a) the HardwareIDs of your on-board Storage and IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers (right-click onto them > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs") and
b) the storage driver details they are using.