[QUESTION] Adding Secure Boot support to Supermicro X10SAT

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently bought myself a used Supermicro X10SAT and discovered that this board for some reason doesn’t support Secure Boot. This seems a little strange because even though this board is by no means a recent one, it’s not that old either. It was released in 2013 or 2014 I believe, while Secure Boot was available since at least 2012.

A quick Google search on the matter shows that this question apparently came up before, and Supermicro provided the following answer for this:

It sounds like that this motherboard is definitely capable of Secure Boot, but requires some BIOS modification for this. I doubt that Supermicro support will be able to help me with this, because the board is old and I’m not a big corporate customer, so I wonder if this modification can be made without their help?

Strange in a Aptio4 bios, version 3.2 from 2018.
Looking at it with AMIBCP, we can find 3 strings related but indeed no specific “Secure Boot” Enable/Disable.
Ur saying that in UEFI (CSM OFF) OS environment, it reports NO Secure boot?
It should be available… after all even present with available TPM security related in bios.

Strings present: Secure Boot Violation, Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup and Secure Mode extensions support.

EDIT: I see, seems that ur stuck with it.

Yes, that’s right. As you can see on this screenshot, Secure Boot support isn’t detected (it’s not even detected as Disabled, but as completely Not Present).


I also checked every single setting in the BIOS, and there is just no mention of the Secure Boot anywhere. I wonder if this can be because my board is lacking TPM module, I don’t currently have one installed. But to my knowledge, TPM isn’t necessary requirement for Secure Boot (my old laptop doesn’t have a TPM but supports Secure Boot).

BTW, I’m currently on BIOS version 3.0 (attached to the post) because 3.2 causes BSoDs on newer versions of Windows 10 (another known issue that Supermicro doesn’t seem to be eager to fix), but there shouldn’t be any functionality difference between them.

X10SAT5.zip (5.93 MB)