[Question] AFUDOS Versions for old AMI non-uefi BIOS

Hey Win-Raid! Glad to be here again in this great knowledge sharing community

I find myself once again dealing with shady 775 boards. I need to update the microcodes on this non-branded board with an AMI BIOS, the question I have is, does any version of AFUDOS for AMIBIOS 8 works to extract and update this bios? Currently I’m in hold of AFUDOS 4.40, the only useful information I have is on the bottom of the BIOS screen, AMIBIOS v02.61

Thanks so much for the kind help

You can try MMTool v3.22_1B_21Fix-BKMOD for editing bios
Then you can use the ez flash utility inside your bios to flash it
Just guessing here (ami v2.61, lga775) need more info
see BIOS modules (PCI ROM, EFI and others) section for module updates
see BIOS Modding Guides and Problems for guides

Thanks for the reply, my issue is that I don’t have the Ez flash utility, how to extract my bios without it?

you dont need to,just download it from your manufacturer’s support page then edit that
what’s your motherboard’s and/or product’s name and model?
Depending on that you might need a different tool and its version possibly

Use AMI Flash Utilities with /gan support.
Look at \amiflash\AMIBIOS\AFUDOS

Guys, sorry if I haven’t been too clear

I know how to update the microcodes in AMIBIOS using MMTOOL and I know how to proper flash with AFUDOS
The thing is, this board is shady, it is from Positivo of Brazil. This old board does not have a proper website with drivers and the bios update tool

All i know is that the bios is AMIBIOS v2.61

What I wonder is, does any version of AFUDOS for AMIBIOS8 can be used to extract/update those kind of bios? Or do i need an older version?

Thanks for that link, very useful tools, sadly that ami pulled this over from the website, my worries is just that if I need an specific (older) version of AFUDOS or any for the amibios8 will work

Use afudos that I linked to save current BIOS:
afudos bios.rom /o
to flash:
afudos bios_m.rom /gan

Start with the lower version then or get it from ami,

BIOS/UEFI Utilities for Aptio and AMIBIOS
AMI Firmware Update (AFU)

Gan may not work for all,in that case;

Save rom;
afudos /imybios.rom

Update whole BIOS ROM;
afudos mybios.rom /P /B /N /C /E /K

Update whole BIOS ROM and load current CMOS optimal settings;
afudos mybios.rom /P /B /N /C /E /K /L0

Just a reminder,you may need a low cap (like 8gb to 32gb) stick with bootable dos (use rufus)