[Question] Core i7 8700K on Z170/Z270?

Can the UEFI on these chipsets micro-code be modded to support the Core i7 8700k?
Ideally the Maximus Viii Formula

But it won’t do you any good since (if what Intel says is true), 8700k CPU’s can’t be powered properly on older Z170/Z270 boards.
Think of it as Netburst to Conroe type of thing (newer VRM spec is required).
I think we may see a backwards compatible Z370 boards in the future] tho.

According to Asus the Maximus IX Formula and Maximus X Formula have the same exact power layout. My Maximus VIII Formula has overkill power delivery for my 6700K

Its just Intel being greedy and sticking with it’s 2 generation cycle they’ve had going on for these years. It’s going to bite them in the rear end since AMD is back.

The Maximus IX Formula has similar power delivery as mine.

I’ve modded my Z270 BIOS. Going to try with an 8th gen Celeron (when it comes out) to see if it works.

I think you are missing my point here :
It doesn’t matter how powerfull your VRM is.
Your MB’s PCB simply isn’t routed to deliver power and grounding to necessary pins on Socket 1151, for Coffee Lake CPUs to work on it (because ASUS couldn’t have predicted what spec Intel will use on Coffee Lake, when they designed your board).

Different example :
GPU VRMs and CPU VRMs are the same (CPU VRM can power a GPU and vice-versa), BUT you don’t solder VRMs to every single VCC/VSS pin seperatly (be it on GPU or CPU). You simply “plug” it into common parts (like coil power plane) and bypass old VRM.
As can be seen here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OHtI2R79yw

In Coffee Lake’s case, you would have to directly solder VCC/VSS pins for CPU to power on.
That is IF what Intel says is true.

do you know anyone who can help me make a bios mode for my mother board EVGA Z170 Classified 4-Way 151-SS-E179-KR, LGA-1151 use the i7 8700K 8th gen

i need help

Will not work!!! The pin layout is slightly different as the 8700k has extra pins feeding power not on prior generation sockets or so i’ve read. Probably fry the cpu if you try…

I just read today that I think Asus has stated that on select Z270 motherboards there will be support for 8700K Cpu and that the enhanced pin arrangement will not make much of a difference.

Heres the link:


Makes me wonder if that means the Z370 boards will be better at overclocking the 8th gen i7 cpus compared to their predacessors…

Someone was able to get it working on a z170 board.


it will works on z170/z270 with proper motherboard ME modded.
and i3-8350k will also works with z170 z270

but pcie will not work. but those pcie lane connect to pch (4x) will be functional

Hi, have you any idea why ?
regarding the post : Coffee-lake Cpus on Sky/Kabby-Lake chipsets

Hi @WannaBeOCer ,
it most probably will work, i have tested the compatibility with i3 coffee lake. If you are interested in providing data to the current question of getting this “mod” fully functional, join here:
Coffee-lake Cpus on Sky/Kabby-Lake chipsets