[Question] Flashing GA H110M-H with Mod BIOS.

So, I’ve successfully created the MOD BIOS file by using latest Mod tool 2019.1229 but haven’t flashed my BIOS yet.
So, I have a doubt that will it support Kaby Lake Processor or Coffee Lake Processor? or Both?
Should I change Mod bios extension from .bin to .F24?
Cuz original BIOS file has .F24 as extension.

Currently, I’m using an i3-7100 processor which is based on the Kaby Lake platform. And I’ve modded BIOS for i3-9100f which is a coffee Lake.

I haven’t purchased i3-9100f yet.

So, if I’d flash my BIOS then would it support my existing or i3-7100, or would it directly support i3-9100f?