Question for phoenix bios

how extract bios rom on a samsung N150 Plus ? witch tool? because samsung only provide .exe don’t can see .rom


Link to file? Letter code?

@31101958 - ^^ Right! ^^ Link to EXE, and or BIOS download page, would be good place to start asking for help

attached bios.exe update download on samsung site

WIN_00YX.rar (2.21 MB)

Run exe, tool will unpack files into a folder “__Samsung” probably in %temp% folder. Don’t close tool before having copied the files to a safe place, files will be deleted again when closing tool.


Open file in hex editor, it’s an installer and som.gz packed files. See picture- there’s filename, some 00s, and gz-file with shown filename starts “1F 8B 08”. Copy content from “1F 8B 08” to “00” in front of next filename, save content, extract with 7zip.


@31101958 - Link to BIOS download page please and thanks. Not direct link to BIOS, but the download page itself

@Lost_N_BIOS File in rar is identical to file “BIOS (TIANJIN) ver 00YX (Multi-idiomas)” on this Samsung page (direct search for filename, wouldn’t have touched an unknown exe otherwise). Quite often you have- at least for older Samsung models- just a ‘check-program’ which downloads a bios file from somewhere in background after check for version. This tool is linked on this page, too (Update Software ver (Multi-idiomas) : Windows 7)

@lfb6 - Sorry, none of the above makes any sense to me, I don’t understand what you mean about >> (direct search for filename, wouldn’t have touched an unknown exe otherwise) << What is that supposed to mean anyway?
I get what you say after all that. But, I still want user to link me to his correct BIOS download page, so I can download the BIOS exe or package myself.

English page would be preferred as well. I mainly usually ask user to do this for two reasons, one so I can see the exact and correct model name, and so I can save stock BIOS in a properly named folder.
The download you linked does not match the model name user gave here, at least not exactly, so this is why I have point #1 above Sometimes as a generic example, NP-N150P may not be same as NP-N150 Plus, or model may be N150PLUS etc and all may not be same.
So that’s why you always see me ask user to link me directly to their exact BIOS download page.

So for now, thanks, I downloaded that file, but still am not sure what this exact model name is, or which exact model the user has.

That said, here is that exe unpacked

And here is tool do do such

the link is here for exactly model:…02FR/#downloads