[QUESTION] Gigabyte G5 KC CPU Core Offset...


I’ve modded the bios and enabled xtu. I can underclock igpu, cpu cache and system agent but I can’t underclock cpu core.

When I edit and apply changes, cpu core offset can be seen from the fvid options menu of throttlestop and even from hwmonitor. But It really doesn’t affect. It should crash beyond -150 mv but I can even take it to -1000 mv and nothing happens, It should crash! But if I do the same with cache offset it crashes as it should.

I tried enabling xtu without modding bios too (there is a youtube video for this) but the situation is the same.

I forgot to add: I’ve seen other people with the same laptop (G5 KC) has no issue with undervolting by using core offset. Their pc actually undervolts seperately from cache offset.

No help?