Question: How to install Windows XP on Dell Poweredge 2950 SAS Raid

I will be going to a remote location next week and have to be able to install Windows XP on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with Perc SAS Raid. I am trying to create an XP bootable CD using WinLite, which appears to work, but when I boot the disk I get a message that "The file percsas.sys could not be found." and I have to restart the machine. I have inserted the text mode drivers in the image and they can be found in D:\I386\NLDRV\005 on the CD, the missing file is there in the format PERCSAS.SY_.

What can I try to get past this issue?

Thanks in advance!

@andrewjen :
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1. Have you used a “clean” (= untouched) Windows XP SP3 CD as source, when you integrated the related RAID driver by using nLite? Is there a file named WINNT.SIF within the i386 directory?
2. Are you sure, that the integrated RAID driver supports Windows XP?
3. Does the inserted driver contain a file named TXTSETUP.OEM?
4. Is a file named PERCSAS.SY_ or PERCSAS.SYS present within the root of the i386 directory of your bootable XP CD?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you so much for your prompt response!!

I’m very new at this process of using nLite and integrating RAID drivers so your assistance is a magnificent boon.

1. Source CD was SP1, I did the SP3 slipstream at the same time as I integrated the driver. WINNT.SIF exists in i386 directory.
2. I’m using the Server 2003 version of the driver that I have been lead to believe will work - beyond that I don’t know. Hopefully!!
3. Yes, TXTSETUP.OEM exists.
4. PERCSAS.SY_ exists in i386 directory of the XP CD, yes.

I don’t have access to the actual server, it is at a mine site in Labrador. I’m trying to use the CD on another piece of hardware. Is this part of my problem?



This verifies, that your used XP SP1 source has already been previously processed.
I suspect, that this is the reason for your XP installation failure.

So, in order to proceed I’d have to start with an original Windows CD, all bets off otherwise?

Yes, a “clean” (= original) image of the OS is a pre-condition for a successful integration of a specific textmode driver.

May I hope that the existence of the drivers that I am trying to integrate in the image in the correct folders mean that my process is going in the "correct direction" once I resolve the source CD issue?


@andrewjen :
Yes, when you are using an original XP image with integrated SP2 or SP3 as source, you are going into the “correct direction”, but I cannot give you any success guarantee, because I do not know, whether your used RAID driver
a) supports Windows XP and
b) supports your current system.

I very much appreciate your help.

I’ll update this topic if/when I have further information that may be useful to others.