Question on which RST

I have a laptop by MSI (the GT70) and I know it has the Intel OROM So my questions are;

Q1) Is this the best OROM in the ver 12’s to be using?
Q2) What RST is better served; with this OROM or with another suggested upgraded OROM?


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Well I was going to do this, but I think I have a problem. Originally the laptop had a Windows 8 BIOS. I got rid of Windows 8 because I had a Windows 7 license. So I wiped out the hard drive and for the life of me I cannot remember where I went, but some forum had me download the BIOS from MSI for that laptop and they walked me through updating it.

Now I still have the BIOS copies, but when I try to load them using the MMTools (both of them) it does not see the BIOS file.

The laptop says Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright 201 American Megatrends, Inc. version 2.14.1219. Have any idea or maybe I need to look for the right MMTools?

Here is some more information

I unzipped the file from MSI, the BIOS zip has 4 files


The E1762ims.30U is the BIOS version when I am in the BIOS of the laptop top. Want me to send the file or am I missing something here?

Come to think of it, is it possible to just "copy" my current BIOS and then do the work on removing/replacing the Option ROM? How does one go about "copying" the BIOS of a system or is this not possible?

Yes, please upload the BIOS file (not the .EXE) and give me the link. Then I will look what can be done.

It depends on the sort of BIOS and on the BIOS flash tool. Usually it can be done with the command annex " /save".

Here is the site for the MSI BIOS download…&nbos=Win8%2064

As mentioned it ends with 30U for Windows 7

Maybe it is easier if I copy my BIOS and then send it to you to take a look? Can you tell me how to do the command annex in detail?

The Aptio UEFI MMTool opens the BIOS without any problem:

Aptio UEFI MMTool opens MSI BIOS E1762IMS.3OU.png

Maybe you forgot to scroll down the File Type dropdown to "All Files (.)"

Arg, yep you are right. Followed the rest of the instructions and I see the BIOS I have has the

How about copying the current BIOS, you mentioned something about command annex?

The command - if applicable - depends on the used Flash procedure and the Flash Tool (for some Flash Tools it is “flash.exe /save”). Please look into the manual of your mainboard.
Why do you want to store your currently running BIOS? Isn’t it the same as the original BIOS named E1762ims.30u? If yes, you can just download the latest BIOS pack from the MSI site and unzip it by using a tool like 7-zip.

This was a BIOS mod. The original BIOS was for Windows 8 UEFI, the guys at MSI gave me their one on their site. Then I asked that I wanted the BIOS to be “unlocked” so I can access all the settings. Example, I was locked out from ever changing the SATA mode; it was always set to AHCI, but there was no way to access it let alone a bunch of other settings like the memory voltages, etc. So the guy modded it for me (for a charge) and now I have full access to all the settings.

But if I download another BIOS in the future then I will have to go and do this all over again so I figured I should back up my BIOS and store it in the event of an emergency.

I was so green back in March I had no clue what I was doing so I do not remember how we updated the BIOS. My bad for not writing down the procedure and then I found your site and with your guidance my nerves are way more settled. But I am nervous just about this BIOS since it is “special”. All the other ones I did were just BIOS’ I can download as you mentioned.

I have a BIOS and I am not sure if it is the one the guy gave me so rather side on caution I want to copy the BIOS and then for sure I know I have the one he modded for me. Do you think you can guide me some more on this “copy” the BIOS?

Maybe you can find out the identity of the BIOS you have by comparing the file name and the file date with the related original BIOS.
If both are the same, you can additionally do the following:
1. Open the BIOS you have found with the Hex Editor HxD.
2. Open the related original BIOS with HxD on top of the previous file (without closing and restarting HxD).
3. Hit the Tab "Analysis" and choose "File Comparison" > "Compare".
4. Accept the proposal of the tool.
Then you will get either the message, that both BIOS files are completely identical or the tool will show you the hex code differences one after the other after having hit F6.
In the latter case the BIOS has been modified.

Thanks and yes, definitely modified. I just held the F6 down and it just kept showing all the differences; massive changes. So I guess pretty safe to say that this BIOS I had sitting in my system is the one these guys modified for me.

I just did the UEFI check process and it has the same OROM version as what is loaded on my laptop; v So I’ll see if I can update the OROM to as you mentioned

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Good luck!
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Yes, thank you.

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