Question regarding patching laptop vbios

I am new here so… Greetings…

So, I have just started messing with bios/uefi and of course there are many things to learn and questions to ask (so bare with me plz).

Anyway, my question to the more experienced than me, I wanted to update the dGPU of my laptop (inspiron 7559) so I did the following:
1st I have dumped the bios of Inspiron 7559 using "afuwin",
2nd extracted the vbios of GTX 960m with "MMTool" using "extract an Option ROM"
3rd patched the vbios with "gopupd" and choosing GM1xx_MXM (from my research 960m is GM107 MXM) and finally
4th Replaced the original vbios with the new using "replace an Option ROM".
I also exctracted each Option ROM individually from original and modded bios to check their size as suggested for the begginers

Thats what I have done so far, so before I do something that I will regret later, I ask the more experienced, is it safe to flash this custom bios?

I attached the original and modded bios in case someone want to check it.
BTW this is for the 4K dell inspiron 7559 (3.64 MB) (3.57 MB)