Questions about INTEL Open Source Tianocore/EDK2?

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Since Tiano Core (aka EDK2) belongs to UEFI topics/threads, where (on which forum) I should post question about it?

Talking about EDK2: ?

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@_nobody :
I don’t know, whether the Tianocore team has an own Forum, but >here< you will find contact options.

Hello Dieter/Fernando,

Thank you for the answer.

I have few other questions. May I?

The first is: I would like to read some (much) deeper material about UEFI (BIOS). Architecture of it. Some (much) deeper explanation about phases (SEC, PEI, DXE, OS boot-loader), you name it. Could you, please, point to me (free of charge) materials, books, articles (I assume, this is very BIOS oriented forum, after all, don’t you think)?
Second: after reading, and getting familiar, where (on which sub-forum) should I post questions about UEFI (BIOS)?

Thank you for your pointer to EDK2. May I suggest something here? I do NOT like to have INTEL (ONLY) influenced and (con)trolled discussions about the stuff they (INTEL) produce(s). This forum is, after all, independent, or I am mistaken?

I would suggest for you to create EDK2 sub-forum.

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There are no restrictions regarding the questions, but we do not always know the correct answers.

Unfortunately I don’t know myself any source, where the users can get easy to understand complete detailed informations about the mainboard BIOSes. There are obviously not so many experts, which are interested in providing their knowledge (especially not the employees of the mainboard manufacturers).

>This< is the Sub-Forum for questions regarding the entire BIOS. If you have questions regarding specific BIOS modules, you can post them into >this< Sub-Forum.

Pre-condition would be
a) a multiple demand of the Forum users for such Sub-Forum and
b) experts, who are able to answer the related questions.
Until now both conditions are not fulfiled.
What we urgently need from the EDK2 Team are drivers, which are correctly digitally signed and easily usable with modern Windows Operating Systems.


I hope, this will help you:…0?ie=UTF8&psc=1…0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

@_nobody :
To make it easier to find this thread I have moved it into the “BIOS Modding” section of the Forum.

@Sobak :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for the links, which may be useful for interested users.
Dieter (alias Fernando)