QWJF (11900T ES) unable to boot on Gigabyte Z490I F20d (finally booted but black screen without re-plug DP/HDMI cable)

10400 Q0 retail version is workable.
I haven’t checked the microcode of the F20d BIOS so I don’t know whether QWJF’s microcode is contained or not.
Is the QWJF CPU broken?

The 11900T ES finally booted after I made the system successfully booted from a i5 11400 retail version.
But both 11400 and 11900T ES get black screen on onboard HDMI (which is converted by DP but not native) without re-plugging HDMI cable after entering Win10 desktop.
Also, 11900T ES gets the above black screen issue on onboard DP too.
But 11400 can properly display UEFI logo via DP.
What it this problem?
Is it caused by Gigabyte forgetting updating iGPU GOP in the latest BIOS?

I checked my MB’s microcode.
It’s ver.34.
So it should support this CPU unless Intel ME banned ES.

Show a good photo of this CPU.
Where was it purchased?

Biostar’s BIOS with official QWJF support are based on ME
F20d has ME

Sorry I forgot taking its photo.
But no physical damage I think.
I bought it from a Chinese owner who said it didn’t work on a Q470 MB.
Maybe it’s broken already.

My previous BIOS is F20b.
It didn’t work either.

Where I can download it?

F20b can be downloaded by manually changing F20d’s URL’s filename.
I already checked it. Its ME version is 15xx.


Picture is ready.

Look at your photo.
This CPU was delided!
And IHS was slightly moved to right.
So I think it’s dead.


After I got an i5 11400 retail version,
both this 11900T ES and the 11400 can be booted.

But, both of them are unable to display via PS175 converted DP-to-HDMI onboard port, unless you manually re-plug the HDMI cable after it entered Win10 desktop.

If connecting to DP, 11400 can show the UEFI logo properly, but 11900 ES has the re-plug issue above again.

Is this caused by Gigabyte forgetting upgrade the motherboard’s GOP?

Now I have sold the 11900 ES to a 500 series MB user. No incompatible reports.