R9 290 on XP?

I’d like to know if anyone has successfully managed to get an R9 290 to work on XP?

After having done a Google search for “R9 290” (I didn’t know what sort of hardware it may be), I found out, that it is an AMD Radeon Graphics card.
The generic MS graphics driver for the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter should work, but probably not with the desired quality.

yeah I meant the AMD Drivers with full 3D Acceleration and everything

the standard VGA driver works, but no 3D

anyone get the R9 290 to work in 3D on xp?

FFS, stick to your old GeForce 4 if you desperately want to continue using XP -.-’

try this one http://support.amd.com/zh-cn/kb-articles…fe-unified.aspx
mod the inf for last hope

Sorry it took so long for me to reply,

I tried these drivers out as you suggested, I used device manager to install them (and it seems i did not need to modify the inf to get this to install on my PC) - However the drivers don’t seem to work as I get a “this device is not able to start” after trying to install these.

purchased a GTX 970, this works fine

Reading this response you are spewing again and it shows your lack of knowledge when quoting yourself earlier,

nVidia GeForce 4 Series was not the last generation that supported XP. I might have given you some leeway had you said the GTX 800 Series. The Maxwell generation GTX 900 Series was the last official cards that got XP support. The GTX 960 was officially the last card they offered with correct driver support without modification. The GTX 970, 980, 980Ti, and Titan X could be driver modified to function. Please keep your "nonsense" to yourself or "inform yourself" before writing false information.