Radeon RX 5600 XT bios mod

I’ve read a lot about the fact that the AMD RX 5600 XT bios can be “opened” and up to 2100Mhz the GPU clock and memory can be tuned more than on factory limited cards. I already know that a kind of special bios has to be flashed first which is an MSI bios. My card is Asrock. So maybe someone knows about such pre-“opened” bios that can be downloaded and flashed? Or maybe someone knows the process of how I could modify the bios on my own card? I don’t dare flash the MSI bios because I’m afraid I’ll brick my card.

Edit: I know I have MPT and RBE but I can’t with them either. As soon as I change the clocks the radeon driver immediately limits it to 300Mhz.