RAID 0 performance NVMe mixed with non NVMe

Here’s my setup in my MSI GT73VR Titan Pro laptop:

2x 2TB m.2 Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSDs in RAID 0
1x 1TB m.2 Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD (non NVMe)
1x 4TB 2.5" Samsung 850 EVO 4TB SSD

Can I set all the drives as a single RAID 0 Array or would that hamper performance since the 850 EVOs are not NVMe and are actually slower? or would the overall performance still increase since the RAID 0 array will use all the SSDs at once?

Right now they are setup as:

2x 2TB 960 PROs in RAID 0

the 1TB m.2 850 EVO and the 4TB 850 EVO are setup as a single partition (spanned drive) of 5TB just for placing all my video files on them where speed is not important

I am wondering if this is ok or shall I RAID them all in one array?

On a side note, when creating a spanned drive out of the two 850 EVOs i na single 5TB partition, I did verify that TRIM works but you can’t do any overprovisioning for a spanned drive I guess, is that ok or what would you recommend?

I am a person who really prefers just one 200GB partition for Windows and a large D: partition for all my data, games, and videos but if that’s not the best solution, please guide me on what’s the best setup to do out of my config

@Phoenix :
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It is ok like it is.

Dieter (alias Fernando)