RAID 1 to 5 migration question

I have a RAID1 (2 x 4TB). I plan on adding a 3rd drive and move to RAID5.
Is the migration straightforward?
If the 3rd drive is a 8TB, is the extra space "lost" or I can create a simple, non-RAID volume in it?

Intel z77 MSI board.


@fred666 :
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Here you can find the answer to your question:…rage+technology

Dieter (alias Fernando)

thanks I already found that page, but I think my chipset is newer than ICH10R, which is the latest on this web page.
Or wait, is PCH (all newer chipsets) included in the last colum?

Also it doesn’t say if the extra 4TB on the 3rd drive is going to be lost.

Yes, all Intel RAID Controllers from ICH8R have the same external DeviceID DEV_2822.

Probably yes.

I will have to use Windows’ software RAID then if I want to use the extra space of the larger 3rd drive