RAID 10 - 4 disks - degradation

Hi Fernando,
I have one server with intel raid 10 configuration: 4 disks WD velociraptor 500 GB, 10 000 RPM.
One disk have now failed, and Im wanna ask you is it possible to replace this WD fast disk (10 000 rpm) with disk same capacity only 7200 RPM?
Will be functional Raid 10 configuration after that?

Thanks in advance for advice.

@cojka80 :
Although I don’t have any own experience with a RAID10 array, I think, that it will work (but probably with a performance drop).

Yes you can. Each HDD with same or larger sector count is possible - you can migrate the raid to higher capacity in this way (replacing the HDD step by step, then update the volume size).
In Raid1/ 10 the read performance will be near the same; write performance will be limited by slowest member.