RAID Box with broken Power Connectors - please help!

Hey guys, i’m new here as you can see, so i’m not sure where to place this thread i hope i’m doing ok here.
I’m René from México city, 39 years old, not a hardaware guy but i think i understand about.

Guys i lost the both power modules of my raid box (ultrastor RS8 Enhanced Technology) i have this equipment like 10 years a go, both power modules are dead now and at my country i can’t find a way to repair them.

Si i want to ask you if it is possible to recover the data from the 8 disks which are in perfect state with no errors, thing is, controller is not working anymore obviously so the only think i cant think i’s to plug these disks one by one in to my computer trough IDE interface and extrack that data and then make it one, well, i’m not a hardare guy, i’m a video editor so i know how to use my stuff but not at this point…

Question is… It is possible to connect one by one these disks and then recover the 1.4gb that i have there? it is simple as that?.

I leave a couple pictures of the disks to help you out a bit.

thx a lot.


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Hello René,
welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

It may depend on the sort of your RAID array and the Southbridge of your computer, but I don’t think, that it will work this way. The Operating System of your computer probably will not be able to see the data, which are stored within the RAID array of your RAID box.
If I were you, I would try to repair the power modules resp. get the needed power provisorily into the RAID box (the required 12V/5V and ground connectors are visible even on the pictures) and then do a complete backup of your data.