RAID5 on 3x SSD

Welcome All Users,
I’m new little IT guy here and I feel bad that I found this forum just 2 days ago, not like 5 years earlier, because work, knowledge and skills that Fernando and All You Guys here have and done are incredible!

I don’t want to post one HUGE thread with many topics like (hardware, all possible bios mods, raid1 or 5, irst or rste, raid driver mod etc) because don’t know where to put it, so for the beggining I will try to start with few simple questions.

This is my config:

Windows 10 Pro
Asus Rampage 4 Extreme ( old good RIVE with X79 Chipset)
i7 4960X
Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti
SSD Vertex 4 for system (gonna be changed to SK Hynix P31 NVMe in next months or other PCIex 4.0 top NVMe)
2TB of space in the Cloud (there was idea to copy one partition from my RAID5 to this 2TB in the cloud)

3x SSD Crucial MX500 2TB

I just bought that 3 Crucials in good price on Amazon to make RAID5 for storage and to have more silent PC without old HDDs.
But I spend already more then 12 hours on this forum and realized that I can meet some huge problems, so my ask is:

Is it possible to use RIVE, set hardware controller to RSTe (or even IRST) and make RAID5 (or even RAID1) on my 3x 2tb Crucial MX500 SSD with working TRIM on them?
Or it’s impossible and I can only go a path with AHCI mode with Win10 Storage Space or other 3rd party software that simulate RAID5?

Really want to make it with my RIVE hardware solution, just set one time, don’t put it on old CPU, and don’t touch it for years and be also safe and kinda fast. But maybe I expecting too much :smiley:

Please help, I will try my best!
Thanks for all ideas, Peace!

Guys please help, propably somebody should know if TRIM is possible on SSD in RAID 5.

I’m really stuck in place and don’t know what to do now/next.