RAM frequency unlock?

Hi to all,
I installed 2x8GB DDR4 2666Mhz inside my HP 250 G7, but they works only at 2400Mhz. It’s possible to tweak the bios via setupvar to unlock ram frequency at 2666Mhz?

BIOS .bin and .txt dump in attached:
BIOS and TXT Dump.zip (7.9 MB)

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On the characteristics of the PC, we see the different RAM configurations accepted and in this case, this PC accepts 2x8 GB at 2666MHZ. there should be an option that allows you to set the RAM to different speeds.

Hi, thank you for reply.
Inside the BIOS there aren’t (by default) any options to change RAM settings and is not possible to enable the hidden advanced Bios.
For this reason I wold like to tweak it by setupvar.

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Try this explanatory video which shows how to access the advanced menu of an HP Pavilion and tell me again.

Hi, this doesn’t work for me.
I tried all keys combination founded all over the Internet and no one works for me.