RAM update - Sony Vaio 13 Pro - model SVP132A1CM aka SVP1321C5E 1.80GHz - 8GB RAM

Hi everybody (ciao @Lost_N_BIOS :))
I wanted to ask if there could be any way to update the actual 8GB RAM on the Vaio model in subject with a 16GB. I know the RAM are pre-soldered on the mainboard so I was wondering if I’m able to find a 16GB RAM module do you think I can remove the 8GB and solder the 16?
Thanks to let me know

Hey! Even though some soldered, you may have empty slot on there

Check with CPU-z, on the SPD tab, on the upper left side, how many slots do you see in the dropout menu?

As for desoldering and resoldering in new, no that’s not something anyone can easily do, even your new solder buddy would not want to do this.

Yeah I agree with LNB, it’s not worth the risk. That is a high end Vaio and some models they soldered the memory on purpose to prevent you from swapping to a higher capacity memory or making you choose the model with the most memory to make you pay more for it. I see it selling used for $1000 range so I would not risk it.

If you were lucky and got that used for $100 then I would think about the soldering attempt but only if it’s worth the risk that it may fail and you are out of a functional laptop. One Vaio laptop that cost $800 and I wanted to upgrade the CPU from 800 MHz to higher I thought was possible. I didn’t know the CPU was soldered and I tried prying it and the laptop would never turn on again. Sad lesson as it was good Vaio laptop. Always check the photos of how many memory expansion slots on the laptop before making a decision. Some had one soldered and one slot, some have 4 slots and two hidden under the keyboard. The most I’ve seen on VAIO laptops is two memory slots.

Also the idea to swap with 16GB memory is not possible. Only Broadwell chipset can recognize DDR3 16GB RAM SODIMM and I don’t know if it can be BIOS modded to add support even if were possible as I’d like to see 16GB DDR3L UDIMM for Sandy Bridge desktops to get 64GB total.

If you need more memory the best laptop is DDR4 based and 32GB per slot max. If you can get 4 slots on a laptop that’s 128GB!

Dear friends
forgive the late reply but I have been extremely busy and OOO for a while due to business.
I have basically checked and I have already 8 modules for 1GB each I guess as I have 8GB RAM in total. When I bought my laptop I remember I had to opt for 8 or 16 GB but I didn’t know I couldn’t upgrade these. Now I know eheh Well, no big deal, the laptop is old and I’ll keep using it for a while more than I will upgrade to something new, and this time I’ll opt for the max RAM possible :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help in here and talk to you soon
Cheers up