Rampage IV formula bios

I am having sound issues with a newly acquired board and want to make sure it is not in the bios. I have downloaded and successfully flashed the bios offered by Xenophobian which boots and recognizes nvme (big thanks). The sound issues persist and is very distorted, even when bypassing onboard audio and using USB sound card. Bluetooth works fine with onboard audio enabled. I have no idea if the bios that was on the board was original or not. Tried downloading from asus but it is not in the RF4.CAP format and I have no windows pc’s!

Almost sure that’s NOT bios related. Never heard of of such mod that can affect Audio.
The original file Rampage-IV-Formula-ASUS-5001.cap must be manual renamed to R4F.CAP for flashing.
Asus USB BFB is the most secure and easy way to flash any mods/original. Do NOT use EZ or OS environment for flashing mods.

I don’t really think so either as it sounds like bad / leaky caps, just wanted to rule it out. The only download available on the Asus website is for the Rampage IV /Battlefield. The site does take me to that bios when trying to download for just a Rampage iv formula. If I download and unzip, and rename manually it will not flash. I am using BFB and can successfully flash the bios the the nvme modded bios I downloaded. Might be easier to get some bluetooth speaker and not worry about it!

Dead onboard sound is very common on the R4F/E unfortunately. Nothing to do about it aside from getting a PCIe sound card which is a great idea anyways.

Thanks, it is what I suspected. I have ordered one and am waiting on delivery. I am hoping it will fix the problem as a cheap usb soundcard did not, got same output as onboard card?