Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 BIOS update for PCIe Lane control while keeping NVME active.

As requested here are images from my BIOS screens zipped in PNG format.

If there is anything I have missed please let me know and I’ll sort it.

I couldn’t find some of the things you mentioned so to be thorough I took a screen cap of every tab and sub menu I could find but it is still possible I may have missed one, again thanks @Lost_N_BIOS

ASUS Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 BIOS 1903 screen caps in png format set 1.zip (5.58 MB)

ASUS Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 BIOS 1903 screen caps in png format set 2.zip (5.65 MB)

ASUS Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 BIOS 1903 screen caps in png format set 3.zip (5.65 MB)

ASUS Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 BIOS 1903 screen caps in png format set 4.zip (548 KB)

@Falloutboy - Thanks, but missing root of advanced upd/down, so I can see all visible options and submenus within advanced. This is not needed for what you want, but it is if you want fully unlocked BIOS.
The settings you want to mess with are in their own huge separate menu you don’t currently have visible (IntelRCSetup Menu). I’ll get that figured out for you shortly, but for now wanted to let you know those images were missing in the above package.

* Topic moved to BIOS modding guides and problems section, since this is not an already modded special BIOS

In case menu count is fixed, do you use/care about “My Favorites” or can it be replaced with IntelRCSetup later, if we eventually find this to be an issue (adding another entry)?

Do you have flash programmer?

In case menu count is fixed, do you use/care about “My Favorites” or can it be replaced with IntelRCSetup later, if we eventually find this to be an issue (adding another entry)?

Do you have flash programmer?[/quote]

I do have a flash programmer but I would need to look if it could handle these modern flash chips as it wasn’t really designed for large capacity devices - and to be honest I brought the thing and never got around to the project that required it - let’s just call it a “pending work in progress”. or as I call it “aroundtuit”.

I noticed too that I seem to have clipped to options from the bottom of advanced->configuration so I have added another zip file with those and the root of advanced.

It would be nice to keep My Favorites if possible but if menu count is restricted I would certainly rather have access to all menus and functionality than fluff. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you can see I have missed anything else, I am certainly looking forward to seeing what I can do with the fully unlocked powers of the board.

I did find one disturbing thing though and it appears I might need to update the CPU microcode for Spectre myself, it turned out that Microsoft patched my system for Spectre through software and it just completely killed my overclock, no mater what I did I couldn’t get it back, I deleted the softpatch from windows system32 called from memory mcupdate.genuineintel from memory and while that has fixed my overclock my system is no longer Spectre protected, it must be possible to have my cake and eat it too, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought this board. Just thought I’d mention it ( you probably already know ) as I presume you have the same Mobo as me.

Missing.zip (784 KB)

Larger capacity devices? What is your programmer? Normally size wouldn’t matter, unless it’s super old and only works with some ancient proprietary software

I wanted to see the root of advanced, to see all visible settings (if any) and all submenus shown. But yes, maybe some other page inside advanced >> Config is clipped, but that’s not what I was asking about, you got what I needed in the new package so thanks.

Menu count may or may not be restricted, I cannot remember right now why I asked you that (I’m not looking at the BIOS or my notes), but if I think it’s limited then only way to test would be to give you a file that may brick that is why I asked if you have programmer or not.
Otherwise, I’d want to keep the count same, and some menu would need replaced (my favs can stay if you can do without something else)

Yes, I can update CPU microcodes for you too! No, I do not have this board, otherwise I could test the menu count thing myself without hassling you about it.

Tthis is a really abnormal BIOS when it comes to enabled/disabled menus, with some added enable/disable sections and duplicates in ways that you can’t tell enabled/disabled etc - hard to explain but not normal
So, I would prefer if you get out your flash programmer and check it out, learn how to use, and get a backup made (and send to me to confirm/modify) - before I do anything here, that way you aren’t left with a brick from simple first test and not know how to recover.

If you have CH341A, or similar, here is a guide with images (If your BIOS is soldered and you’re using clip then this guide perfect, if your BIOS is socketed and your pulling from socket treat your BIOS as the cable in this guide)
[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-G…341A-programmer << Same as one directly above, but with all images expanded/visible at once

I have one which is called a Willam V I believe and the other a TL-568 I would have to pull them out of my electronics room to check, one I am pretty sure only does parallel devices of the Amiga era, the other I am not sure about.

The Extreme Edition 10 had two BIOS’s that I am aware of but I am not sure if they operate as a backup to a main bios chip and get data sent to them from it or if they actually load the BIOS itself at startup, I was thinking that it would be possible to use USB bios flashback which the machine has a specific USB port for if their was a problem - would this not work in this instance?

I will look out my programmers but it might take a couple of days I’ll also check out the CH341A as it may be worth the investment.

Sorry I took so long to get back to you to, it’s been a mad busy time as I am filling in for another care provider who is off work because her nan is dying and probably only has a couple of days left.

I looked on the net they are only about $20 in my currency can you recommend a reliable supplier ERGO someone who will not sell me a fakey fakey.


I tried ordering one through the Ebay source you mentioned but the won’t deliver to NZ

Did you guys manage to get a working BIOS with PCIe lane control?
I’m looking for a similar solution for the normal Rampage V Extreme.

@Falloutboy - I only mentioned programmer so we could test risky edits, in an attempt to make IntelRCSetup visible, in case bricked BIOS while trying stuff related to that. Yes, mod BIOS in general can be flashed via USB Flashback.
But, still, for now, I do not know how to make IntelRCSetup visible, but we can make any changes you want there directly and then you can flash via USB Flashback.
CH341A is around $3 USD on ebay, SOIC8 test clip with cable is $3.60 if your BIOS is soldered to board you need this too, or if BIOS is in a socket then you need $1 U Type Flat IC extractor. Let me know if you need linked examples to these
And sorry, I just now realized how old our discussion was, and that I never replied back until now!! Sorry, I get buried here often and threads get lost

@digibetus - See above, you can only directly make changes you want and then flash in and test, until you find the correct settings for what you want on what lanes (this can take 12+ BIOS tests)


Are there any follow-ups on this?

I am interested to see if it is possible to enable pci-e bifurcation for the R5E10.


I have since gotten a programmer through, ordered one of Ebay I will be ready to do some testing soon at the moment I am just setting up a Supermicro X10DRX with two e5-2690s which I got on the cheap and awaiting a 36 Bay disk chassis from the U.K to run up my drives in. My R5E10 is at my ex wifes at the moment, I stayed there through the covid lockdown in NZ so that if anything was needed I could do it for her, shes physically disabled and an ex cancer patient so was high risk.

Now that I have this link and a reply again Ill get some stuff sorted and get back to you. I wish they would leave this bifrucation stuff up to the user like Supermicro does, it would be so much easier.

@kozatolzy - Sorry, no, I still have not found method to make this possible (make IntelRCSetup visible)

@Falloutboy - I’ve since tried my ideas on a few systems, no luck, so programmer or testing will not be needed here, it’s something I for now have to conceede that I cannot do
Best bet is for you to ask Asus to make IntelRCSetup visible in a special BIOS for you. Or, maybe ask at Asus forums, and one of their BIOS pro’s that also help in the forums may make it visible for you
Good to hear the EX is doing OK

To you both >> I do know how to still make any changes you want in those areas though, via NVRAM edit for live/current applied (and defaults), setup and AMITSE/SetupData
So we can change whatever you need, just not make anything visible

Would it be possible to force one of the 16x pci-e slot to be permanently bifurcated to 4x 4x 4x 4x?