Rampage VI Extreme Omega rebar support for 3105 bios

I have some serious problem on omega with latest rebarbioses. If i overclock ram even 2400mhz my system will not post. Working only if ram is 2133mhz. On 3105 bios my system overclocks and can take anything stable. Is there someone who can mod rebar support to 3105 bios or any advice what is problem on newer 3403 and 3501 bioses.

Compare them and if any changes in cpu mcode found, u can try mod and downgrade them in recent bios for testing.

Assuming that ur using ME11 originally in 3105->3501 or the standalone update from Asus ME11
So not pointing here an alternative in an ME downgrade if u didnt noticed any issues with 3105 in conjunction with Asus ME11 update (Or higher manual update

Ok. I see. I have 10940x processor and think if some one can mod latest 3501 with latest ucode and me to test.

Now i tested this and its ackting same. Only boot when everything is default. tried update me and it not help. tried bios 3403 same problem. tried non rebar bios 3301 and same problem. 3105 Bios with latest ME working without any problems. What is differences between those bioses?

Manly the mcodes r older in the 3105, efi/drivers modules seems same versions, other internal changes is Asus internal info.
My last attempt to ur issue is the 3501 with earlier mcodes from the 3105, updated ME is not an issue here as u already confirmed.
Good luck.

EDIT: Did you tested this last one? Dont understand what you’re asking me… you couldn’t flash this one?
So its not only mcode, sorry then, good luck.

Not worked!?

Yes i tested it and ackting same than others.