Razer Blade 15 Bios with no EC FW version


I have Razer Blade 15 2019 (RZ09-0288). My battery was swelling up and I have removed it. Problem start here, when I plugged my charger and press the power button. Nothing showing up.
Then I removed CMOS battery, press and hold power button about 60s. Then I insert CMOS battery, plugged my charger, press button power. My laptop start up but it cannot boot into Windows.
When I check BIOS, it show up:
- EC FW Version = ??.??
- MCU FW Version = N/A
- Symtem SKU = N/A
- System Serial Number = N/A
- Product version = 2.0?
(you can see it in attach image)

I also noticed that the fan spinning but with slow fan speed although heatsink was very hot. After about 15 minutes, my laptop auto shutdown and I can’t start up until I reset CMOS again.

I thought it was BIOS error so I visited Razer websites, download and extract bios, with the bios file name Charlotte2_0105.bin (16mb).
Put it into my DOS USB.
In DOS, I dump my bios using FTW.ex -bios -d biosrazer.bin. And when I check, it only 8mb, difference with the bios from Razer (16mb)
Here is my dump BIOS and BIOS from Razer.

Could anyone please explain for me why they are different size (8mb vs 16mb) . And what should I do now?

Thank you very much!


Charlotte2_0105.rar (5.4 MB)

dump.rar (3.8 MB)