RAZER BLADE advanced 2022 rtx 3080 no post/display rz09-0409cec3

Hi guys, i just got a brand new razer blade 15 rz09-0409cec3 that turns on keyboard light, fans but no display at all. I managed to get bios bin file from razer but im not sure if this chip is THE bios chip. It is a Gigadevice 25q64cig (Uee704 Aj2103) or something like that. I believe that is the bios chip, I uploaded photos from all of them in case i am wrong. CHIPS If its ok i will remove it, read it with ch341A , backup and share bios file here so you can check what is wrong. I will try to flahs bios bin file from razer too. Will upload all together once im sure its the correct one. Wich program do you recommend to read it ?
Thank u a lot!