Razer Blade Pro 2019 9th Gen INTEL Bios

Hello everybody,

i am the happy owner of the blade pro for over a year now, but never bothered with bois mods etc until now because i barely had time to use the laptop.
now i want to install hackintosh on it and came across the necessity to mod my bios.
from what i read, it can only be done with a programmer…i have never used that on a pc, on a car i have flased chips though already so shouldnt be too much of a diffference. ordered the programmer today.
since i have zero experience with this, i would very much appreciate help, because the plethora of info (currently like 20 tabs open) os a bit overwhelming.
i also have a second nvme (samsung 970 evo) and i read here that this can cause advanced menu to disappear.
i would like to fully unlock all options in bios and also dvmt settings etc for hackintosh.
maybe in the process of getting this i can also learn to do it myself