RE:ASMedia 106x SATA3 AHCI drivers

MSI has the new v2.0.4.0 from 11/25/2013 (also available on Station-Drivers), which I’m about to try. Interestingly, there are two links to the download, and one points to an older version (v1.3.8.0 from 7/18/2012), which is not available on station-drivers. The installer for that one seems to be broken, but it can be installed manually and seems to work fine.

Edit 1: Driver v2.0.4.0 fixes the bluescreen that v2.0.2.0 caused. However, it does not support the “Safely Remove Hardware” function. Mysteriously, this package also includes yet ANOTHER version,, which can be found in the Driver\scsi\amd64 folder. This one fixes the bluescreen and supports the removal function (which it makes visible before even rebooting), but unfortunately the removal function no longer appears after rebooting. Very unimpressed with ASMedia’s drivers… Going back to for now.

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