RE: ASUS Rampage IV GENE 4901 and NVMe

I have the v4901 BIOS, E5-2697v2, ocz revo3 x2 (boot pcie), Win7 pro. I plugged in an optane P900 (480gb pcie ssd) and when I installed the drivers I could see and use it. However, any combination of settings in the BIOS will not allow a BOOT capability (the BIOS identifies it as PATA SS: ?). As a side issue, at one point I selected RAID/RST. Then I tried RAID/IRST and I think it converted my SATA HD into some kind of RAID because I cannot get it to work. Depending on the BIOS setting the drive is not seen or it remains on all the way through BOOT and never goes off but is not seen in windows… Is that drive trashed or can it be fixed. Back to the BIOS mod - will that allow the optane to boot? If so can you provide some detailed guidance? If the optane won’t boot, how about the Samsung 970 pro 480gb connected to pcie via. an adapter? Greatly appreciated.

Guidance would best found here - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
If reading the thread doesn’t help, ask same questions there I’m sure someone will show you how to do this