Re: Need Modded Bios for Asus Maximus VII Hero (Z97) + 4790k - OC Failed

I am facing Overclocking fail issue due to recent Windows 10 update, which also update the Microcode within Windows and that’s why I am facing problem because in BIOS microcode seems older one as Asus last release BIOS “3503 beta” and then nothing.

One of my friend refer this website, I read about UBU Tool but little bit scare to do it.

So I hereby request, if anyone can do a little favour by providing update/modded BIOS for Asus Maximus VII Hero (Z97)?

For ready reference Asus Last released BIOS 3503beta attached. (5.56 MB)

BIOS edit cannot change what microcode is used within windows, only could update it to the latest version and then windows wouldn’t override it with a newer one because it would already have latest microcode.
If you want some older microcode in the BIOS, you have to let me know what BIOS you used that has this older microcode in it, that you now want in 3503 BIOS.
Or, if BIOS currently has the microcode you want already, then no BIOS mod is needed, see below.

If you want to disable windows from updating the in OS use microcode, see this
Intel, AMD, VIA & Freescale CPU Microcode Repositories Discussion (19)

Thanks bro for reply. I am currently using BIOS 3503 Beta version (released by Asus in 2018). Don’t know what Microcode it contained. However, Windows 10 Build 1903 showing me Microcode “25”.

I already attached BIOS 3503 Beta in first post. I don’t know what is the latest microcode in this BIOS 3503 Beta.
I want to know what is the latest Microcode available for Asus Maximus VII Hero (Z97) + 4790k? Can you tell? of Asus?

BIOS 3503 contains Rev 24 + Rev 7 for your CPUID >> 306C3
Latest microcode for 306C3 CPUID = Rev 27

To see what microcode is currently being used you can check with HWINFO64 here, where I circled, in the little CPU-z like window


If you want your system to only use what is in the BIOS currently, then you need to do the edit I linked to in post #2

I already checked with HWINFO64 and its showing me Microcode 25 and whereas latest Microcode is 27.

Can you tell me which Microcode is good for 4790k i.e. best for Overclocking?

Actually I was at 4.9Ghz @1.316v (Fully Stable), Now I can only stick to 4.7Ghz @1.25v. Above that nothing is working and getting BSOD. I tried 4.8Ghz even with 1.3v & 1.325v but its not working… That’s why my friend refer this site to me, so I may get proper help.

Sorry, I don’t know which is best for anything, I only know what is latest. So, seems Windows is making you use one not in your BIOS AND not the latest one either, that’s lame!

Do the edit I linked you to in post #2, then you will be back to using what’s in your 3503 BIOS = Rev 24

OK I will do it and report back.