Read/Write quad spi Flash (25Q64FVAIQ)

Hi all. I’ve been trawling the net for an anwer to my problem to no avail, but this seems like the right forum to ask.
First of all, I’m fairly new to both modding and flashing so please bear with me.

I’ve just bought a new asrock z87 extreme/tb4 motherboard. The problem is that the board shipped with a v. 1.10 bios that does not support my cpu (I7-4790).
As I’m unable to start the pc, and unwilling to buy a compatible cpu just to upgrade the bios, i want to flash the newest bios version (1.5) using an external programmer.

The bios ic is a socketed Winbond 25Q64FVAIQ, meaning quad spi is enabled by default (QE=1 in status register-2).
Is it possible to read/write the rom using just standard spi bus or do I need to get a programmer that supports quad spi?
If it is possible to use a standard interface do I just leave the /hold and /wp pins floating?

I have acces to both a FT232H, raspberry PI and USB blaster “programmers”.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards kfp