Reading/Writing EFI variables on Linux in kernel mode, and alternatively, FROM user space!

Hello to BIOS Modding (targeting, after all, CodeRush member),

I decided to sink into EDK2 (Tiano Core) Open Source philosophy, to find some real answers about Run Time UEFI (BIOS) services… And here we go.

While searching, I found this: Reading/Writing EFI variables on Linux in kernel mode…562290#26562290

And… The solution is posted by CodeRush!

Now… Here are the questions:

[1] I did upgrade my fedora 25 to the following packages:
dnf install efivar
dnf install efivar-devel
dnf install gnu-efi
dnf install gnu-efi-devel

But these are ONLY for user space libraries/development (/usr/include/), aren’t they??

[2] The example given is actually part of The efivar KERNEL driver, to perform reading of the Run-Time (RT) services, UEFI variables passed to Linux kernel. Am I correct?

[3] I see… This (installation to enhance UEFI abilities) is very good tool to write own driver beneath Linux kernel (driver space) to get the info. CodeRush, do you have complete example how to retrieve UEFI variable info using UEFI retrieval kernel driver?

[4] Regarding the user space code: does any example exist how to retrieve any EFI variable from user space?

Thank you,