[Realtek 8822CE] Modded Wireless Drivers with Enabled Advanced Features

Just to be clear for everyone use it at your own risk

Let me say it again… use it at your own risk

The drivers that I will be providing it to you today are only made for Realtek 8822CE Wi-Fi module chip that is present to almost all OEM/Vendor laptops [Mostly on AMD based laptops]. Unfortunately stock drivers locks down any advanced features available to the user and doesn’t allow you to have full control to your Wi-Fi chip capabilities.

Now it supports all Realtek 8822CE models… rather from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP and others… as long as they are 8822CE model… it is completely fine.

Today I present you my so called “Unlocked” or “Unhidden” drivers by editing .inf files to be able to makes those options visible to the user. Alright here we start… I have the confidence to share my modded driver for Realtek 8822CE which enables advanced options and might provide extra networking performance as well.

Let me show you the options that the stock drivers provides…

And now my modded drivers which provides unlocked or unhidden options

The changes that is made are renaming the Wi-Fi display name (to distinguish between official drivers and modded ones) and added/edited lines on .inf file drivers to unlock Realtek Advanced features*.


  • Uninstall your current Realtek driver with checkbox selected
  • Then simply open Setup.bat file
  • Reboot or Restart Your PC/Laptop
  • Done!

*I can’t guarantee every single feature will work but I can say that it did provide increased network performance and slightly lower latency according to my testings.

Credits:- Thanks to AAF Optimus for signing the drivers and for the script driver installer.

Download link [MediaFire]:-
RTK Killer Wi-Fi 5 8822CE Xtreme Drivers

Where have you gotten the drivers for this? I’m trying to find some older driver releases for the 8822CE, because there might be XP compatible drivers for it.

Trust me… there isn’t except if you searched for it from MS catalog website. either than that… no XP drivers for it.


New driver release have been updated including full feature releases on the same download link + It is Signed! All thanks to AAF Optimus

Now it supports all Realtek 8822CE models… rather from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP and others… as long as they are 8822CE model… it is completely fine.

I know there’s drivers for the 8822CU, which is the USB version of the 8822CE, so I’d think they’d be somewhere.

I will try to check it out although I doubt there will be any drivers for XP. Can you tell me your Hardware ID of your device? I will try to check if there is anything related to XP drivers.

It’s for a friend, I’ll ask for the hardware ID.

Edit: Don’t you have the hardware ID already since you have the card?

I have realtek 8822ce model SUBSYS_081011AD - LiteOn. So I am sure that your’s have different type of 8822ce HW ID. Hence why I am asking your or your friend HW ID :slight_smile:


Please redownload the latest Realtek driver version as I fixed some advanced features that wasn’t functioning properly and decreased overhead for wifi scanning & performance which should improve ping stability and lower latency thanks to the patches and fixes from Lenovo’s driver. Thank you.

It’s been tested…

I don’t think subsys matters, I’ve found that when driver modding, the VEN and DEV are all that really matters.

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New version has been uploaded with latest realtek driver version available.

Enjoy :slight_smile: