Realtek HD Audio

Hi all,

I have problems with the latest Realtek HDA drivers on my Asus P8Z68-V_GEN3 board. I think the audio chip is ALC892.

The problem is that, for quite some time, the master volume resets to about 70% on every reboot and I need to set it back every time. Also doesn’t remember any of the lines’ volumes in the mixer. During installation (manual update INF) it tells me that it is no compatible hardware, but still installs fine. And I have some other small issues (periodic interruption of sound), but I also suspect the cable/receiver about that.

So I want to revert to the last supported driver for my board and my OS, which is Win7 x64. Where would I find that? On Asus website there is hopelessly old driver (version 5 as I recall), but as I do regular updates, the driver worked fine long after that.

Oops, seems I missed the forum section, I was aiming for Other Drivers. Sorry about that.

Thank you

Station-Drivers offers a lot of new Realtek HDAudio Drivers. Look >here<.

I have moved this thread into the correct Sub-Forum.

Station-Drivers offers a lot of new Realtek HDAudio Drivers. Look >here<.

Thank you, but I know about that. I also browsed Realtek’s ftp and there are tons of drivers there too. The question is, which is the correct one, or the one I need?

The HWID is also present in the .infs even in the latest driver, so it is not clear to me why it says it’s not compatible. Just in case, here it is:


The compatibility depends on the OS as well.
You can find out the compatible Operating Systems within the INF file.

Just for the record, Realtek HD Audio driver works flawlessly, as I remember it did. It was recommended on for some Z68 boards, including mine. I assume it’s the version jump from 6xxx to 7xxx that maybe caused the issues I had. I could not locate any later 6xxx version driver.

I hope this helps someone else.


Try THX certified ones outta…load&os=Win1064 ,don’t think they have any model checks. For win10, but I reckon they’re same for all x64 ( folders still named vista I reckon ). // Edit: did some rollback test with win8.1 last week, W10 driver installed and worked just fine for few tests I ran. Might have needed disabling integrity checks and enabling testsigning mode ( forgot it on from GPU driver install earlier ).

Any1 tried 'em if they work on other boards? Just pulled new mini-STX’s v7806 drivers for my mini-ITX, seem to work well too;…load&os=Win1064