Recommend Me A GPU For 98SE

Been looking at the quadro cards but not entirely sure which ones work on 9X,

Dont want anything mega expensive, a 256mb card will be ample, but i do want it to work properly, the system is socket 754 with pcie, im trying to stay away from the ridiculously overpriced ebay AGP cards.


Riva tnt, GeForce 2, 3dfx, ati 9600.
That’s what I was used for win95-98

Use ATI Radeon X850 PCI-E. These cards are cheap. X850 is the fastest ATI card that is officially supported under Windows 98.

Unfortunately greedy ebay sellers are currently selling the x850 for over £200 with is bloody ridiculous, i aint paying that kind of money for a 20 year old graphics card. i do have a 7800GS agp but last time i tried i had issues with it on 9x

I think 256mb card will be enough but the more the better. So I recommend you atleast 512mb card for smooth operations. I have checked the compatibility and found that EVGA GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB will do just fine for you. You can check out the specs. Moreover I guess GeForce 9600 512 MB is also a suitable option.