Recommended Disk clone software?

I hope anyone can recommend a easy use Disk clone software.

My problem is i just installed a new Samsung 980PRO NVMe on ASUS Z97-AR. I used the Disk clone software from Samsung. (Data Migration) But this damage/violate my Product key in Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit. :frowning:
I allways used Acronis EZ Gig 4 with USB3.0-SATA adaptor Cable.
But sadly Acronis have no plan to make a USB3.0-NVMe/M.2 adaptor cable.
EZ Gig 4 do not work without the adaptor cable. (I guess there are a hidden chip inside the adaptor).
I really hope someone have a solution. Because this is not longer possible to buy a new product key. :frowning:

To be honest, I do not recommend to use any Disk Cloning Software after having replaced the system disk drive by an SSD, which uses a different Controller and a different data transfer protocol (e.g. SATA AHCI > NVMe). In this case it is much better (and safer) to do a clean OS install onto the new SSD.
If you are nevertheless searching for a good Disk Cloning Software, I recommend to read >this< arcticle.

Almost every hardware change might trigger a new activation cycle. Mostly these will work without problems.

Since the stock firmware already has NVME support I don’t assume that you had to work with the firmware, making Windows think you changed the board, too.

I doubt that the copy process damaged your activation…

Thank you both for your answers. :slight_smile:
I have found out to do the following learning curve: :crazy_face:
First clone your old SATA drive with intact keys to a other SATA drive.
Then plug the “other” SATA drive on the Acronis Clone cable (SATA to USB3.0) to a available USB3.0 Port on the Motherboard that contains the NVMe drive.
Start up the computer with the old SATA drive as normal.
Start the EZ Gig 4 software and choose “other” SATA drive as Source and NVMe drive as Target. (don’t forget the option "Verify copy = On)
Volia. All keys is intact. :hugs: :muscle:
I hope this trick can help other to upgrade their older rigs. :+1: