Recommended/proven SSD related hardware

Hi Fernando,
I looked through the topics of the forum and could not find a suitable category for SSD related hardware recommendations. Some motherboards do very well with certain SSD’s and some do not - especially older motherboards. Some NVMe or M.2 SSD’s work better, or worse, with certain hardware. Some motherboard BIOS are more difficult to mod than others. It would be informative to have some kind of forum category or database to search for pertinent hardware combinations/configurations. For example, PCIe adapter cards. After reading some reviews late last year I discovered Aqua Computers adapter cards and other hardware. I liked their kryoM.2 PCIe SSD adapter with heatsink, so I bought one for my Asrock Z77 board and 960 EVO SSD. I have read a lot of reviews of people having drives die, and I think that in most cases it’s likely heat related. I would say that having a heatsink on an NVMe SSD is a wise thing to do, as I haven’t had an issue with heat at all on my 960 EVO.

I checked Aqua Computers website yesterday and discovered that they just began selling a new version of their PCIe SSD adapter, and a heatsink kit for board-mounted (or card-mounted) NVMe/M.2 SSDs. I like the 1st version of their PCIe card, but the new version has a heatsink on both sides of the SSD, and some other cool features. I’ll probably get one when they’re available here in the states. I’ve never been impressed with the Asus cards, I guess they just lack German engineering.

I realize the main theme of your site is “Storage Drivers - BIOS Modding”, but hardware considerations are often discussed throughout the various topics. Just a thought. Links below are for the mentioned Aqua Computer items.

New adapter…pa2hu2ljj64jmkm

New passive heatsink kit…pa2hu2ljj64jmkm

M.2 SSD related…pa2hu2ljj64jmkm

Writing such database about the relationship between certain SSDs and certain chipsets resp. other hardware devices requires much knowledge, own experience with different hardware configurations and documents, which prove the results.
Since I have neither the specific knowledge about the topic nor the required time and money to do the tests, the related thread should be started by someone else. What about you? The best location for such thread seems to be the Sub-Forum "Solid State Drives".

Well, when you put it that way, I guess I didn’t give the idea much thought. A database would be nice, but I didn’t consider all the work involved. My knowledge of the topic is limited to my particular hardware combination, so I would not have the knowledge or time to undertake it either. I know you have your hands full with this forum and you spend a lot of time running it, and helping people. And I appreciate your instructions to help me get my hardware working. Thanks again.