Reducing CPU frequency in games on Gigabyte G5

Hi! I don’t know English so well, so I can write with mistakes, please understand and forgive. I’m not sure that I chose the right topic of treatment, please do not swear if I made a mistake.

I have a problem with my Gigabyte G5 KC laptop (i5 10500h and RTX 3060). With normal use, everything is fine, the processor frequencies are normal. However, when I enter the game (for example Cyberpunk), the processor frequency drops significantly, stays at around 799 Ghz, periodically rising. At the same time, there are strong drawdowns in the frame rate. I noticed that the CPU temperature during the game is kept at 60 degrees, there seems to be some kind of restriction, although I did not set it.

I reinstalled Windows, reset the BIOS, but this did not affect the behavior of the processor in games. He still continues to reduce the frequency, keeping the temperature at around 60 degrees. Funny fact, if I go to the game menu, the CPU frequency instantly rises.

I attach the following materials to my appeal:

I’d like to have a help from you, thanks in advance :smiling_face:

Unfortunately, such settings are not provided in my BIOS. I attach a photo of what is available:

Hi, have same problem with this laptop. :smiling_face_with_tear: Have you configure out how to fix it?
Thank, in advance for your response.

While the GPU of this laptop can go up to 105W the system will only accept a max load of 135W with CPU and GPU combined. So when the gpu goes up to 100 watt in gaming the cpu has only 35 watt left.

Solution under-volt:
-Gigabyte G5 - Undervolting Is Finally Possible! - YouTube

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