Reguarding Forum Software

The forum software you use emails your password as plaintext when registering, this is a very serious security issue/flaw.
I notice you use a free forum service, I’d suggest getting off of that asap as most will be very reluctant to give you a copy of the database.
I’d hate to see the site disappear one day because the company decides it no longer wants to host you for what ever reason or they go out of business. There are some seriously amazing posts on here.

Also currently GMail marks any emails from the site as spam.

You are right, but
1. this is the easiest way for a successful registration at first try (many users forget/don’t find their chosen password after having asked for a registration) and
2. the user himself can solve this security risk by changing the password immediately after having been successfully registered.

The Forum Service is economically priced, but not free. The automatic Forum database backup done hourly by our hoster saves our Administration a lot of time. I wouldn’t be able to offer my usual Forum Support, if I would be forced to do a daily Forum database backup.
Furthermore you should consider, that the donations I got from the users since I started this Forum in April 2013 were far from covering the bills I get monthly from the hoster. Do you really would prefer begging for a donation like Station-Drivers does?

There is no reason to worry about that. It is much more likely, that the site will disappear one day because of my age (I am born in 1944) and missing successor candidates.

I am happy about that, because I get daily a big amount of notification mails.