Reinstalling windows Xp pro on Dell Optiplex gx620 problem

For a few weeks I have been trying to figure out how to install Windows XP pro onto a Dell Optiplex gx620, but it always refuses to install with a Stop Code of 0x0000007B, which I know means most of the time Windows XP installer can’t recognize the hard drive or hard drive controller.

What I know is this tower has a reduced functionality sata controller that can only run in IDE mode and has a Device ID of DEV_27C0. This error shouldn’t be happening since windows xp should install fine since its in IDE mode.

I’ve looking for help to get this to install properly? I have looked for information on this forum and tried stuff on this forum, plus I’ve asked for help on dells forum. The only thing that I can conclude is maybe the Chipset drivers have to be slipstreamed into the windows XP disc and this mainly involves ich78ide.inf?

Edit : finally figured out after a couple days this tower doesn’t like installing windows XP using a flash drive if the RUFUS program is used, using a different program that mounts the cd image as a virtual cd/dvd drive it works fine.

@MichaelWeaser - Is your XP Source unedited? Sounds like maybe it’s slipstreamed to AHCI, download a new clean version and try again. Chipset drivers would not need slipstreamed, but I would be sure to use at least SP2 if not SP3 as your main install source.

So, you got it figured out?

Yeah I used Easy2Boot instead of Rufus and I got it to work. I think RUFUS using Windows XP to install has problems installing on the 945G chipset . I totally forgot years ago I had the similar problem with RUFUS and Windows XP on a different computer with the same chipset. But if I use RUFUS and any other Windows like , vista, 7, 10 , RUFUS works totally fine with it.

Have any idea why this chipset would cause this problem? I am thinking it has to do with the USB controller on this chipset.

Good you got it sorted out. I am not sure what that would happen, I’ve not used either of those so I couldn’t comment about that. Did you google around about RUFUS and 945/945G, maybe this is known issue and there is a fix floating around?