Remove overclock limit from AMD APU GOP VBIOS

Setting over 660mhz (sometimes 654mhz) in Overdrive has no effect (HWInfo shows 660mhz or 654mhz) as there seems to be a limit set in the VBIOS. I also tried patching kernel drivers on Linux to see if its Overdrive limiting it but it also showed no performance increase after 660mhz.!WexzgYDZ!hxrS7idfpHnbQ…cKVKNUhS9oo1udM GOP VBIOS extracted using UEFITool (BIOS extracted with insyde-tools) if anyone is able to remove the limit from it.

GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7640G integrated.

added vbios link

Doubt it’s possible for integrated GPU, but if anyone can do it that person is @ket
What is the motherboard? And, can you see controls for this in the motherboard BIOS? That’s where I normally see this at, at least for Intel integrated graphics.

The motherboard is a laptop so its an HP Pavilion g7-2000. There’s no option for it in the BIOS including in hidden settings using the Insyde hidden settings tool

@Lost_N_BIOS , the firmware for the GPU will be injected in to the main image, you’d need to extract that first (if its even possible with how locked down laptop firmware is) and then mod it, I’m not sure how moddable the GOP would be though general opinion seems to be that modding the GOP is time consuming and a pain. With patience it is likely doable but I’ve never bothered much with the GOP so I’m probably not the best person to ask to start poking it around :stuck_out_tongue:

how could i try extracting the GPU firmware ? i have a full dump of the bios if thats needed (need to strip license keys etc from it which ill upload after i do that)

i also have extracted the non-UEFI VBIOS by booting with CSM ON.!fHAAHQ7b!H5Q-safD6_ujk…rRshLQ9_MOErYGM

@Kuri0 - Visible to you options in BIOS, and what is actual options in BIOS are not always same thing - Please link me to the BIOS you are using at HP’s site << This, I’d use your dump to check stuff, but I can’t download from anyway, and prefer to always have stock BIOS to start a folder for all cases anyway.

@ket - yes, I can extract vBIOS, but there is no tool for this for AMD (like Intel BMP), that is why I thought maybe you could inspect. I agree, not worth a lot of time and effort for such things, especially since it’s a integrated GPU anyway
Extracted non0UEFI vBIOS, with CMS on? No settings in BIOS matter here to what you can or can’t extract from BIOS, it’s all there no matter what you set.
haven’t figured out how to decrypt/decompress it so if you can’t then tell me an upload service which i can upload to and lets you download so i can upload the dumped bios

updated vga bios link:!WexzgYDZ!hxrS7idfpHnbQ…cKVKNUhS9oo1udM
previous one was corrupted or something

atomdis output: